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Sapphire Atomic is the top of the range card

by on14 January 2008

At least for now

Sapphire isn't planning to release a faster 3870 card than the Atomic version, as least not for now. We contacted Sapphire in the matter of the pictures that appeared of a dual slot, heatpipe cooled card, but this model will apparently not be faster than the Atomic.

Or we can just quote Sapphire on the subject: "Atomic is our Maybach," and if you know what a Maybach is, then you'll know that the Atomic edition indeed is their top of the range model.

From what we understand, the card that pictures appeared of will be the new Ultimate card and it will ship at stock clock speed and should be available some time toward the end of this month.
Last modified on 15 January 2008
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