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Sparkle puts 1GB on mid-range cards

by on09 January 2008


Upgrades the 8500 GT and 8600 GT


Sparkle has
launched 1GB versions of the 8500 GT and 8600 GT. Both of these 1GB models will also be available with a choice of active or passive cooling solutions.

Both the 8500 GT and 8600 GT will work at reference clocks for the GPU, 450MHz for the 8500 GT and 540MHz for the 8600 GT. Unfortunately, both of these cards use much slower GDDR2 memory, and we would like to see GDDR3 memory on the 8600GT card. Both cards use a 128-bit memory interface, the 8500GT has 16, while 8600GT has 32 Stream processors. The shader clocks are also left at reference speed, 900MHz for 8500 GT and 1,190MHz for 8600 GT.

It is nice to see that Sparkle decided to put additional memory on mid-range cards, and we hope that it won't affect the price too much. The pricing and availability date have not been announced yet.


Last modified on 10 January 2008
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