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PowerColor first with HD 3800 AGP

by on31 December 2007


HD 3850 PCS 512MB AGP


PowerColor is the first partner to list HD 3800 card for AGP. The AGP version of HD 3850 PCS will work at lower clocks when compared to the PCI-Express version.

Powercolor's HD 3850 PCS for PCI-Express works at 720 MHz for the core and 900 MHz for memory (1800 MHz effective). The AGP version works at more modest 668 MHz for the core and 828 MHz (1656 MHz effective) for 512MB of GDDR3 memory. Unlike the PCI-Express version, this card lacks Crossfire connectors, and has a heatsink that covers memory modules. The PCI-Express version of this card which we tested had integrated HDMI connector, and we hope that Powercolor will decide to make the same version for AGP as well, since this might be the perfect card for HTPC, but until then AGP version is stuck with DVI-HDMI adapter.

It looks like AGP isn't dead after all, at least not yet. The HD 3800 series might be the last stand for AGP, and HD 3850 is just the card that can revive old and dusty AGP system. Powercolor decided to use the same PCS (Professional Cooling System) that we were able to see and test on the PCI-Express version. The AGP version of HD 3850 should be available sometime in January. You can check out the review of HD 3850 PCS PCI-E here.


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