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8800GTX is the best investment ever

by on26 December 2007


Even today

Who could imagine that the Geforce 8800 GTX series based on G80 massive chipset would remain so successful, even a year after launch? Today, almost fourteen months after the G80 launch this remains almost the best card you can buy and it still performs great.

If you bought one of these cards back in November 2006 and you like the highest possible settings at all games, this investment really paid off. This card is still enough for all games.

You don’t have to upgrade, as it is not as worthy as Ultra, but is just a bit better and the only real option is to buy a second 8800 GTX.

Geforce 8800 GTX is enough for every single game today and it will probably be enough for all the games that will come by middle 2008, if not even more. So, if you have one, you've already made the best investment ever.

Some will argue that 8800 GT is even a better bargain, but this is a redesign of the same marchitecture almost 12 months later, so its doesn’t fit into the same category.

Geforce 8800 GTX will finally be dethroned by the middle of 2008 when we expect the real deal, called G100, and possibly the Geforce 9800 series.



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