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DisplayPort makes notebook thinner

by on25 December 2007


Attack on the LVDS

DisplayPort is a next generation digital interface designed to replace DVI or HDMI. It will attack VGA ports at the same time and it wants to become the de facto standard in display industry.

2008 looks like a great year and one of the most important things about DisplayPort is that it will allow a slicker display and notebooks, as you won’t need LVDS anymore.

LVDS stands for Low-voltage differential signaling and this is the part of electronics that transports the video data from graphic subsystem to a computer monitor, mainly flat screens. These standards allow a maximum pixel clock of 112MHz that is enough for 1400x1050 resolution at 60Hz but the dual link LVDS can boost a resolution to 2048x1536 at 60Hz.

This is going to be a huge step forward and this is exactly why Dell wants to make its notebooks with Displayport only, as soon as possible. If you didn’t know it by now, Vesa is behind this nice connector.
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