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Asus OC's 8800GTS 512MB to new heights

by on20 December 2007




ASUS has released a factory overclocked version of the G92-based 8800GTS graphics card, branded ASUS EN8800GTS TOP/HTDP/512M.

According to the press release, ASUS is claiming a 7% performance boost when compared to the reference clocked G92 8800GTS. The new 8800GTS 512MB TOP will also feature the integrated SmartDoctor, which will provide users with the option to further overclock the Shader Clock for even better performance.

The new ASUS EN8800GTS TOP is based on a G92 GPU that works at 740MHz which is a significant boost when compared to reference 650MHz. The new card comes with 512MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 2070MHz ,which is higher than any other factory overclocked 8800GTS card on the market. The Shader clock got boosted from reference 1625MHz up to 1800MHz, which is just a bit slower then MSI's 8800GTS 1825MHz clock. The new card is still using the reference cooler design.

Besides the Shader clock which can be further overclocked with SmartDoctor feature, ASUS has managed to take over the throne for the highest factory overclocked 8800GTS card, which was held by MSI since the introduction of the G92 8800GTS. Just for reference, MSI's 8800GTS works at 730MHz for the core, 1944MHz for memory and 1825MHz for Shader clock.


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