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Next generation ATI notebook supports flash ram

by on18 December 2007


Calls it HyperFlash

On a notebook side, AMD at least has some kind of strategy. Despite the fact that the memory is incredibly cheap these days, flash memory is usually even cheaper than the standard DDR2.

Intel has introduced its turbo cache memory earlier this year and sells it to notebook manufacturers at close to $20 a GB if not even less these days and this memory can really boost performance on Santa Rosa notebooks, especially if you have 512MB or 1GB RAM. Adding an additional 1GB turbo cache usually boost the system performance, especially with memory greedy Vista.

As AMD learned that this is the way to go, its own SB700 Southbridge will be able to support flash memory on the desktop and notebook side. This comes at some point in 2008 and we’ve seen a lot of notebooks with AMD chips inside and despite its inferior performance and battery life, a lot of price driven customers are getting AMD notebooks.

With HyperFlash AMd will get a bit more competitive but it needs a lot more than that to beat the Centrino code.  


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