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Pictures of naked R680 show up

by on17 December 2007


Prototype board without RAM

Pictures of an R680 without the heatsink have made their way onto ChipHell and although the pictures now seems to be missing from the original post, we found some elsewhere. The card in question is a prototype as it doesn't have any memory chips.

It seems like each GPU can be allocated a total of eight memory modules, so 1 or 2GB cards should be quite easy to make. Between the two GPU's is a PLX PCIe switch which allows both of the GPU's to talk to the PCIe bus.

AMD has also revived the digital PWM last seen on the Radeon X1950 Pro, although this looks like a slightly more sophisticated design and each GPU seems to have its own PWM.

The rear of the card looks very bare and it makes us wonder why AMD designed such a long PCB, as it doesn't seem like it needs to be quite as long as it is.

You can find a few more pictures of the card and its cooler here
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