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Vadim drives 8800 GTS 512MB to 800MHz+

by on11 December 2007


Watercooled to 17839 3Dmarks

We had a chance to see one of the first water-cooled 8800 GTS 512MB produced by the Vadim computers from the U.K. and the chap managed to overclock the card all the way to 800MHz, with Shaders to 2080MHz and memory to 2300MHz.

The overclocked 8800 GTX with Q6600 at 3.6GHz all water-cooled scores a bit lower than 14000, while the 8800 GTS 512MB overclocked to these speeds and at the same had 3.6GHz CPU speed scores of 16500.

If you put Yorkfield Q9650 and overclock it all the way to 4450MHz you can even touch the 17800 mark. Wizard's GPUz gave some funny numbers with this overclocked card, but we are sure that will get fixed as the GPU didn't worked at 1150MHz.

Here is what the card looks like and how much it scores.



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