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Nvidia to EOL all G80?s in January

by on10 December 2007


But what happens to Tri SLI ?

As you might know, Geforce 8800 Ultra, GTX, 640MB GTS, as well as 320MB GTS, will fit in Tri SLI, but Nvidia plans to get rid of these cards in January.

Some vendors already have stopped orders of these cards, but the new G92-based 8800GTS 512MB won’t have two SLI connectors and won’t fit in the new Tri SLI concept. This is rather inconvenient for Nvidia, and the delay of 780i motherboards made this product rather obsolete even before it launches.

It won’t do much good if you buy Tri SLI, and weeks after Nvidia reintroduces D8E-based dual cards with dual chip Quad SLI, the combination might be even faster, and potentially even more affordable.

One thing is certain: G80-based cards are receiving the "End of Life" tag, and in January Nvidia plans to execute End of Life for 8800 Ultra, GTX, GTS640 and 320 cards. You served us well; you may rest in peace now.

Last modified on 11 December 2007
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