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Nvidia's 169.13 fixes Crysis in SLI

by on07 December 2007


But breaks Nvidia's Beta page

Nvidia's 169.13 for XP, Vista 32 and 64 is out and it is supposed to provide better performance in Crysis with SLI. Well, it’s too late for us, as we nuked the big boss when we beat the game, but it might help some people who have waited so long for this driver.

The driver will also fix the resume from Sleep/Hibernate issue with GeForce 8800 GT and it supports most of the new Geforce cards all the way to Geforce 6.

Nvidia’s broken Beta webpage is here, as the site is down for at least last 15 minutes (at press time) and you can also find the link to the drivers on guru3d.

Last modified on 08 December 2007
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