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RV635 pictured, will come with DisplayPort

by on07 December 2007

As well as DVI and HDMI

HotHardware has managed to get some pictures of AMD's upcoming RV635 XT reference board and it has shunned all the analog outputs in favor of a set of three digital ones. The ports on the back of the card consist of a DVI, an HDMI and finally, and most importantly, a DisplyPort connector.

This is one of the first cards we've seen to actually feature this connector, and although some of the current graphics chips support DisplayPort, it is unlikely that we'll ever see cards based on them with a DisplayPort connector, as the technology won't hit retail until next year.

DisplayPort is similar to HDMI in many ways, although it offers higher bandwidth, something that those using extremley high resolution displays will be happy to hear, as it means you only need a single cable from the graphics card to the display. Today, you need custom graphics cards with four dual-link DVI connectors to drive some displays that are used for specialized applications in the medical industry, as well as for satellite photography.

Another advantage of DisplayPort is that it can carry audio signals, just as HDMI, and it also supports HDCP encryption to adhere to copyright standard on HD media. It also has a return channel, so it can be used with a microphone built into your disaply, among other things. For those familiar with HDMI connectors and the problem with these falling out easily, you'll be glad to hear that DisplayPort features a clip that locks the connector in place into the display and graphics card.

However, new to us is something that HotHarware is mentioning, as apparently you can daisy chain DisplayPort-enabled monitors, which means you can connect up to four displays to a single DisplayPort connector on your graphics card, which should make it a lot easier for those running multi-display setups.

You can find the pictures of the card here
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