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HIS has the fastest HD 3850

by on06 December 2007


HD 3850 IceQ Turbo X faster than HD 3870 ?


When we wrote an announcement about HIS's HD 3800 series, we mentioned that its OCed HD 3800 series will be available sometime in December, probably cooled with IceQ cooling; and now that we have more information on these cards, at least one of them, HD 3850 IceQ Turbo X, is.

According to our source the card will end up clocked at 735MHz for the core and 980MHz (1960MHz effective) for 512MB of GDDR3 memory. This is enough for HIS to claim the fastest HD 3850 in the world. As we wrote before, the card is indeed cooled by HIS's acclaimed and highly effective IceQ 3 cooling. As you can see from the clocks, the IceQ 3 is doing a hell of a good job.

As you know. every IceQ edition uses a dual slot cooling solution, but it gets the hot air out of the case, and it has always been the quietest active solution. Additional info reveals that memory and GPU heatsinks are completely separated for maximum efficiency, and the fan has the so-called bi-directional air intake channels so the air is drawn from both sides of the fan, thus improving airflow and ensuring that the card has effective cooling even in Crossfire, when space is very limited.

According to our source this card is even capable of beating the reference clocked HD 3870 in some tests. European price search engine Geizhals has this card listed for €199, but German retailer Alternate doesn't have it in stock yet. Anyway, the fastest HD 3850 with IceQ effective cooling sounds and looks great. We just hope that HIS has plans to implement IceQ cooling on the HD 3870 card, as well.


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