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8800 GT to get a new fan

by on06 December 2007


Updated: Bigger than the old one


According to our colleagues over at, Nvidia is set to change the reference fan on its 8800GT cards. has managed to get its hands on Leadtek's 8800 GT equipped with this new fan. Back in November we wrote an announcement of the XFX non-reference 8800GT Alpha Dog edition, and XFX changed the reference fan with the one that Nvidia wants to use as reference now.

The new fan is 75mm in diameter, which is 10mm larger when compared to the old fan; and thickness remains the same at 10mm. The dimensions aren't the only thing that changed. The biggest change is the fan's RPM. The old reference fan had a fan speed from 1459 to 4333 RPM, with a default speed of 1640RPM. The 4333 RPM at full speed is just way top noisy, and at default speed tempeeratures were a bit high. The new one is a different story. According to testing full speed of this fan is only 1664 RPM, while default is 744 RPM.

Now for the important thing, the temperatures. According to testing there is only 2-3C difference from the old one, but keep in mind that the new fan is quieter then the old one. When at full speed, the situation is completely different. Results are very impressive, 3 degrees lower then the old one, but at much lower noise level.

You can check out the test results and a picture of the new fan on Leadtek's card here.

Updated: According to our sources Nvidia hasn't changed the reference cooling and doesn't even plan to do so. Our sources also claim that just managed to get their hands on Leadtek's own 8800 GT design, which uses an improved cooler, similar to those we saw on XFX cards a while back.


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