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Sager, Clevo 8800M GTX has a problem

by on06 December 2007


Needs a motherboard replacement

A chap called Justin from XoticPC, a company specializing in high-end notebooks, has confirmed that the current
D901C Clevo/Sager units will not be able to accommodate the new nVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX graphics card without a motherboard swap out or modifications.

The upgrade/swap out kit will be available beginning January 15, 2008. Sager made a decision to help its users and offer them a motherboard swap, which is needed in case they want a 8800M GTX card inside. He tells the world that “For NP9260/NP9261/NP5790/NP5791 users wishing to purchase the nVIDIA® GeForce™ 8800M GTX w/512MB, Sager will perform the necessary motherboard swap out and install the card. Shipping and handling charges to and from Sager will be the responsibility of the customer.” Sager also won’t be responsible if it dents or damages your machine.

Let us set forth just one of the three options of how much this might cost. If you have Sager NP9260/NP9261, that is also known as Clevo D901C, you will need a new D06 version of a motherboard; and with the labor that Sager will use to put in a single 8800M GTX 512MB card, you will pay $899.00 after the instant $200.00 off for Sager Branded customers or $1,099.00 for non-Sager Branded systems. Sager also says if they damage or scratch your notebook, too bad, this is not their responsibility. If you want an additional 8800M GTX you will have to pay $745 extra to get an SLI notebook.

A big mess in a high-end notebook market, just before Christmas. Not good at all.

It is all here.

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