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Rock claims it has 8800M GTX notebooks

by on06 December 2007


But can they ship ?

We checked the Website of U.K.-based Rock computers and it looks like these people have listed that their notebook has 8800M GTX inside and that you can buy one today.

The company's Website doesn’t tell much and it's unclear if they ship it or not, but at least you can hope to get one before Christmas. Big boys such as Alienware or even Dell are saying that their notebooks with 8800M GTX will follow in Q1 2008, but smaller companies such as Rock dare to advertise that they can do it now.

We learned that Alienware and the other big ones have decided to postpone these machines to Q1 due a motherboard problem in the Clevo notebook design which they are all using, and you need a new motherboard to fix this. It is related to a resuming from sleep state that freezes these notebooks.

You can order one of the rock machines here.



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