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ATI dropped 3870 to $249, available

by on05 December 2007



At the same time that Nvidia managed to get some quantities of 8800 GT out, ATI decided to drop its price for the Radeon 3870 products, and as of today you can buy Gecube or Sapphire for US$249 + $5.84 for shipping.

Sapphire has cheaper shipping and it will end up a bit less than a dollar cheaper in the end. It looks like many other brands might be available at the end of this week, and we learned that the situation with these cards is supposed to get better next week.

Currently, there are plenty of Radeon 3850 256MB versions, while Newegg still doesn’t have any 512MB versions of this card.

You can get the Radeon 3870 cards here.

Last modified on 06 December 2007
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