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Zotac's 8800 GT's now with HDMI

by on05 December 2007


Both AMP! and normal version


Zotac has announced that both its 8800 GT and 8800 GT AMP! Editions will now be available with HDMI output. Of course, we are talking about full HDMI with audio and video.

Both cards will use S/PDIF audio input cables which can be connected to any sound card. Aside from the the S/PDIF input cables, both cards will be shipped with a DVI-to-HDMI adapter. This makes ZOTAC the only add-in board partner to have HDMI on its entire Geforce 8 series lineup.

You can read more about these cards here, and you can find our review of Zotac's Geforce 8800 GT AMP! edition here.


Last modified on 06 December 2007
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