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Tri SLI in January

by on03 December 2007


Early previews in late December

Nvidia is promising that Triple SLI systems will get reviewed in late December, but the real product will ship in January. 

It looks like Nvidia’s partners will show a few systems at CES and that some companies will be ready to ship it shortly after CES 2008. It looks like you will be able to buy a Tri SLI based machine in the middle of January, but the people who have seen the system aren't too happy about the performance.

Tri SLI will only make sense at 2650x1600 or higher resolutions with all the settings on, as this is likely to be the only case which will be able to max out in games, unless you are playing Crysis, obviously.

It is a nice show-off feature but the worst thing is that it doesn’t have a future, as D8E won’t support Tri SLI, and Tri SLI motherboard will only work with 8800 Ultra, GTX and the old GTS 640 cards.
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