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HD 3800 has serious supply constraints

by on03 December 2007


Despite what you read in the media

An add-in board partner has gone on record and said that "Despite what you have read and observed in the media, there are serious supply constraints [of the whole HD 3800 series]."

As we believe that these brave people can get in trouble with AMD's sales machine we will keep their name to ourselves, but this certainly implies that AMD still has a problem with being able to ship enough of these cards to feed the hungry market.

The same source continues woth some strong words. "The shortage is so severe that we are unable to supply our channel and other vendors at this time."

There goes the bubble that the HD 3870 is widely available while the 8800 GT is in severe short supply, and it looks like you might have trouble trying to buy any of these two cards in 2007. DAAMIT, it had to happen at the time where 20+ hot games are out where we can personally recommend at least five of them, which all could do with a graphics card upgrade for a smooth frame rate.

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