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Nvidia to lose notebook market share

by on28 November 2007


In 2008, claims Citigroup

Citigroup has told the market that it expects Nvidia to lose some mobile market share in 2008, and therefore, it has currently set Nvidia shares to hold.

Nvidia is slowly recovering a week after the U.S. credit problem crisis that has heavily affected all semiconductor companies, including Nvidia, whose stock price has sunk from almost US$40 to around US$30 in the last two weeks. It looks like Nvidia might close at around $33.00 today, but you simply never know with the stock market these days.

Citigroup knows that ATI tends to come back to the mobile market big time and it is cautious, as this could potentially hurt Nvidia's great financial performance. Citigroup also claims that Nvidia should gain some additional market share in desktops, but it is not sure if the company can continue to ride on the workstation and chipset momentum.

Citigroup projects that Nvidia will get back to $39, but despite that, it has set the company’s shares on hold.

The link is here (German).

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