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8800 GTX and Ultra still make sense

by on27 November 2007


Super high resolutions

Many people said that G92 is so good that it will kill the 8800 GTX and Ultra sales, and this is only partially true. Once you get to 1,680x1,050 ,which is the native resolution of many 20-22-inch displays and turn all the settings on, there is a big chance that the 8800 GT will lose due to its 256-bit memory controller.

24-inch displays have come down to €330-400 ,and with a native resolution of 1,920x1,200 you need a lot of power to play Crysis or any other new game at this resolution with all settings at high or very high with FSAA 4X on.

This is exactly why you need an 8800 GTX or Ultra, as your card will simply run out of gas. The only trouble is that if you get one 8800 Ultra today there is a big chance that the D8E will be a lot of faster, and it would be cool to try two 8800 GTs in SLI versus an Ultra, especially at high settings, to get some more answers.

Memory bandwidth plays an important role in this case, and if you have a 30-inch LCD then you have to sacrifice the money for two 8800 GTX or Ultra cards.


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