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R700 to carry Radeon HD 4000 name

by on23 November 2007


A whole new thing

There is a big chance that the R700 generation will carry the Radeon HD 4000 generation name, but there is also a chance that ATI will lose the HD prefix or completely change the name.

Since the 3870 is already out, the new R700 marchitecture at 45 nm would deserve a much higher number, and that is likely to happen. It is still too early for a final conclusion, as ATI likes to play around with the names; but at least there is a big change.

AMD internally toyed with that name, but they did the same with Radeon 2950 as a possible name for RV670.
 Radeon HD 4x00 sounds quite nice, doesn't it?  
Last modified on 23 November 2007
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