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R700 is a 45 nanometer chip

by on22 November 2007


AMD and ATI to go for it

Nvidia just went for 65 nanometee, ATI is at 55 nanometer and it looks like the R700 might be the world’s first 45 nanometer graphics chip.

A 45 nanometer chip is at least 30 percent smaller than 55nm and it is more than 50 percent smaller than 65 nm chip; and at the same time, this means that it will be much cooler than any 65 or 55 nanometer chip.

This also means lower heat dissipation and higher clock speeds, but we still don’t know whether G100 can be the same deal and it can be made of many smaller cores, as well. This is how it is possible to put just a bit less than 300 million transistors on a 72 sq mm die.

Last modified on 23 November 2007
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