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Mobile 8800M GTX and GTS specs

by on20 November 2007


GTX has 96, GTS 64 stream processors

Geforce 8800M GTX finally got its specs and it looks nice. This “mobile” GPU has the whole 96 Shaders, just the right number that Nvidia originally planned for G92 and a lively 256 bit memory interface.

The 8800M GTX runs at 500MHz core and 800MHz memory and supports 512MB, while the Shaders work at 1250MHz.

This is not the only chip, as Nvidia plans to launch 8800M GTS. This mobile GPU will feature 64 stream processors, while the rest of the chip will be identical to the mobile GTX. Nvidia simply disabled some of the clusters and GTS will definitely dissipate less heat, which is a critical element for notebooks.

Nvidia also makes a marketing about DirectX 10 support and its VP2 video processor and some notebook vendors and ODM (read Cleavo) will be crazy enough to put two of 8800M GTX or GTS inside some notebooks.   

Last modified on 20 November 2007
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