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Gecube's non-reference HD 3800 series

by on15 November 2007


Uses X-Turbo III cooling


Gecube has announced its Radeon HD 3800 series, and some of them use non-reference cooling, or more precisely, Gecube's X-Turbo III dual slot cooling solution.

Gecube released a total of four cards in its HD 3800 series, two based on Radeon RV670XT and two based on Radeon RV670PRO GPU. Two of them are based on reference design and clocks, and the only difference is that little Gecube logo sticker on the fan.

The other two cards use Gecube's X-Turbo III coling and they are factory overclocked. Both of them have a long name covering almost every feature of the card so we will use a model name instead. The first one, Radeon HD 3870, or model name GC-XHD3870XTG4-E3 (ROHS) (O.C Version), comes overclocked to 800MHz for the core, which is far higher then reference clock. The card comes with 512MB of GDDR4 memory and Gecube's site doesn't show the clock for memory, but according to our sources it should end up clocked at 1220MHz. The card should also support OverDrive, which should get the clocks up to 875MHz for the core and 1250MHz for memory.

The second one, model name GC-XHD3850PG3-E3 (ROHS) (O.C Version), or OC-ed HD 3850 comes overclocked to 700MHz for the core. The memory clock for this card is not listed as well, but a little birdie told us that it should end up clocked at 850MHz. This card will also support OverDrive and that should push this card all the way to 720MHz for the core and a stunning 880MHz for memory.

Our favorite European price search engine has Gecube's Radeon HD 3850 X-Turbo III listed and the lowest price is €201,11. This might seem a bit high priced for HD 3850, but keep in mind that this is the highest factory overclocked card, at least for now.



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