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Crossfire X supports Triple Crossfire

by on14 November 2007


Welcome Tri Crossfire

We just
learned that CrosfireX, the marchitecture that ATI markets for its new cards and AMD 790FX motherboards, will support two to four cards. Well, this is not exactly news, as we wrote about Crossfire support with two cards years ago and we already mentioned quad Crossfire a few times this year.

The only thing that we missed is Tri Crossfire, where you should be able to plug in three cards and get a Tri Crossfire, just as Nvidia plans to launch Tri SLI.

ATI uses multi tiling and I guess it can use an odd number of cards to solve the rendering problem, but it will be interesting to see this in action. We still have yet to see this in action but should not be that long now.

Last modified on 15 November 2007
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