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Radeon 3850 with native HDMI pictured

by on14 November 2007

Has two fan cooler

We spotted some pictures of a Chinese Radeon HD 3850 card over at Expreview, and although we're not familiar with the manufacturer, this is one of the first cards we've seen with a different PCB and layout.

The card features an onboard HDMI connector in place of the second DVI connector and it looks like the current trend until DisplayPort arrives some time next year. It also means that it's easier to connect this card  to an HDTV set, since you don't need any funny looking adaptors sticking out the back of your PC.

The cooler on the card is also the first two fan solution we've seen so far, and we're not sure it's a good idea as this will introduce extra fan noise. Nonetheless, we can't knock 'em for trying something different.

You can find some more pictures here

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