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Mobile 8600M is not enough for Crysis at ?high?

by on14 November 2007


Or any hot game at high settings

We have disappointing news for all you mobile gamers out there. We are playing with some mobile GeForce 8600M based notebooks and we can tell you that in Crysis, Company of Heroes and many other DX10 or DX9 games you will have to forget about high settings gaming at 1,280x800; and we don't have to tell you that the notebooks with GeForce 8600M and higher resolution displays will be even slower.

Company of Heroes or Crysis will work, but not with all details on, and this will remain the privilege of the 8800 GTX/Ultra cards or some Radeon 3870/8800 GT cards, at least at resolutions above 1,280x1,024. Notebook gamers will have to make compromises when it comes to eye candy to improve playability.

We will give you the full-blown reviews soon, but you might need a GeForce 8800M GTX to solve this performance problem and to give you the full-on gaming experience on your notebook.

If you have a 1,680x1,050 or higher resolution screen, where 1,920x1,200 is the ultimate one, you will need to run two 8600M or 8700M in SLI or better to get a nice frame rate with all settings on. We can bet it will also be very hot under the hood of that notebook.

Last modified on 15 November 2007
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