Published in Graphics lists six HD3800 cards

by on13 November 2007


HD3850 at £123.39, HD3870 for
£158.91 incl. VAT

A Bit-Tech forum member noticed a bunch of red beans spilled all over Gibbo's site, The site listed six HD3800 cards from Asus, HIS and Sapphire, you can see the screenshot here.

Asus cards are priced at £119 for the HD3850 and £145 for the HD3870, a tad more expensive than the HIS and Sapphire offerings, which should sell for 105 and 135 quid (no VAT). However, Asus has a three-year warranty, versus two years for HIS and Sapphire cards; and Asus' bundle includes Company of Heroes on top of Call of Juarez, which comes with all listed cards.

In the same price range you can get an 8800 GT with 256MB of memory, priced at £125, while 8800 GT cards with 512MB sell for £145 or more. Of course, no matter how much you're willing to spend, you just can't get an 8800 GT due to availability issues.

You can check out the original article here.
Last modified on 14 November 2007
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