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Czech Nvidia expects thousands of 8800 GTs

by on12 November 2007


As Mario translates

Our reader
sent us a translation of Nvidia's Czech Republic official statement about 8800 GT availability and we could not resist posting it.

"Because there are multiple rumors and speculations about the availability of the cards in the Czech Republic, we would like to correct these," said Nvidia's Czech Republic spokesperson here

"Yes, there is a problem with the GeForce 8800 GT in that the demand surpasses multiple times our current abilities. Up to this date we imported some hundreds of the cards into the Czech Republic, which were sold out in a matter of a few minutes. Currently, we are taking orders for a few thousand pieces and the majority of them we will be able to satisfy by the end of this month.

We also recorded rather big differences between pricing suggested by us and the real pricing, which is a result of the big demand where some sellers took advantage of the situation and sold the cards for higher prices than they should have.

Anyway, we (Nvidia) expect that by the end of November, the situation will be back to normal and there will be a plenty of cards. " finishes Nvidia. The Czech republic has about 9 times fewer people than Germany, so the Germans might logically then expect tens of thousands of cards. No way, hombre.  

We are very thankful to our reader, Mario, for translating this part for us. 

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