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Radeon HD 3870 CrossFire tested

by on12 November 2007

First CrossFire results for the new card

What appears to be a new Website called IAX Tech has got their hands on a pair of Radeon HD 3870 cards and this is the first CrossFire benchmarks we've seen of the new cards. They've also disected a card to show you what it looks like in the nude.

The cards they had were apparently clocked at 777MHz and had 512MB of Samsung GDDR4 chips clocked at 2,252MHz. The test was performed using the Catalyst 7.10 drivers and the very soon to launch Intel Core 2 Quad QX9650 CPU at 3GHz with 2GB of RAM, but no other system specs were revealed.

At default settings in 3DMark06 for a single card the score was 12,590, while with two cards you're looking at 20,383. A single 8800 GT on the same test platform scored 12,870. There are plenty more results with various settings to have a look at, but they're all from 3DMark06, andt at no stage is the single 3870 card faster than the 8800 GT.

There are also some Crysis test figures, although only with a single card and the 3870 scored about 14.77 fps, while the 8800 GT managed 16.77 fps at the default test setting of 1,280x1,024.

You can find the full review here.
Last modified on 13 November 2007
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