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G92, 8800 GT kills the 8800 GTS / GTX sales

by on12 November 2007


Horrible numbers in November

A few Nvidia partners were complaining about G92, or the Geforce 8800 T, as the card is so good that no one really wants to buy Geforce 8800 GTS and GTX products any more. The only chance that 8800 GTS and GTX have is triple SLI, and we just wrote that it got delayed to 2008.

The retail and etail stores don’t really want any 8800 GTS 640 or 8800 GTX cards, as people found them either slow or too expensive, while the back orders of 8800 GTs are piling up. This means that Nvidia's partners can't sell any of the G80 based cards that they have in stock and they are certainly not getting enough G92 cards. Unfortunately, this means it will hurt their sales numbers quite badly.

November won’t be good for these guys and we heard that some partners got less than 1,000 pieces of Geforce 8800 GT worldwide. Just to paint you a picture, a big etail store such as Alternate in Germany can sell this in a day as people want them so badly.  

Every single partner is struggling with backorders now and currently it doesn’t look like it will get better anytime soon. Nvidia says that their card is as good as the iPhone and that people will rather wait for G92 backorders rather than going for a much cheaper, but slower, ATI card, although we are not that confident this is the case. Patience is a very fragile thing, especially with Call of Duty 4 and Crysis either being available or coming ever so shortly.  

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