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Jon Carvill is the new PR boss of AMD Europe

by on12 November 2007


Changes, changes, changes

DAAMIT is changing quite a few things in its European, or EMEA (this is what the company calls Europe, Middle East and Africa) headquarters, and the well known PR spinner, Chris Hook, already has returned to Canada to take over the GPU and Chipset PR division there.

On the other hand, a chap that was hired by AMD back in 2005, just months before the acquisition, and who lived in Texas for almost two years, Jon Carvill will start as a head of AMD's PR in EMEA. We have been following his career and we mentioned him here in 2005, here in July and here in August. He was supposed to move from Texas back to Markham, Ontario, but instead he went for a PR job at AMD's San Francisco branch. Today, he announced that he will start the EU job as early as the middle of December.

This fellow has been here, there and everywhere. He used to do PR for all the executives in ATI and did the same job for some executives in Europe, and we believe that he will do really well in this new position. We wish him a lot of success and with a few Phenomes on the right clock he will be off to a great start. The GPUs are coming along while the chipset business feels good already.

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