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EVGA 112 Shaders 8800 GTS is G80

by on09 November 2007


But more Shaders are enabled

We finally
got a confirmation that EVGA's famous 112 Shader 8800 GTS super clocked is actually a G80 with more Shaders enabled.

The card doesn’t have a new G92 / D8P chip but it has G80 with 112 Shaders enabled and clocked to a high speed. These guys did a review of the card here and you can see that the card is as fast as 8800 GTX. The story behind the card is quite simple, as Nvidia had some G80s to get rid of and they sold the G80GXT chips and told its partners to do a special version of the card to keep the 8800 GTS sales alive.

A good point is that at higher resolutions with all settings up, 320 bit memory controller of 8800GTS 640 should do better than 256 bit on 8800GT. We should be able to prove this quite soon.

You can read one of the first reviews here.

Last modified on 12 November 2007
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