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8800 GT almost unavailable in U.S.

by on08 November 2007


A single card for $329.00 spotted

We checked the few usual retailers and e-tailers, as we were concerned about the availability of 8800 GT in the U.S. is completely sold out, with some hopes that some EVGA cards might be there tomorrow. Most vendors won’t even give an ETA, and Asus reportedly told its customers that it will get the cards on the 19th.

From all the links, we used in our story here all were sold out, and only the most expensive XFX card that sells for US$329.00 is available here. Newegg's list of unavailable cards is here.

We are sure Nvidia's sales team is happy with the numbers, but also pretty tired of hearing partners crying on the phones for more. Nvidia can sell ANY G92 card that it builds, it is not just the question of yield.

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