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Palit changes Nvidia 8800 GT reference design

by on07 November 2007


Dual slot and quiet

Nvidia and ATI managed to convince just about everyone that single slot cards are better than dual slot. We would easily agree with that if the single slot card ended up as quiet as dual slot card, but with 8800 GT this is certainly not the case.

In 3D mode 8800 GT is very noisy; but Palit’s 8800 GT solved this problem. Palit went for its own design and decided to use a dual slot, Zalman looking cooler. This big VGA manufacturer cools the memory with its blue heatsinks while the GPU gets a 29.5 decibel cooler, which is considerably more quiet than the reference one.  

Palit also claims that it uses its own design that includes a three-phase power design and gives high hopes for better overclocking. This fan will certainly help you cool G92 / D8P much better at a much lower noise level.

Nvidia currently using a two phase power supply system and naturally three are better than two, at least in this case. This is how the card looks, and we guess it comes at reference speeds but can be overclocked.


Last modified on 08 November 2007
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