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R680 is faster than 8800 Ultra

by on06 November 2007


Can the driver keep up?

Our sources
have confirmed that the upcoming dual GPU card, codenamed R680, will end up faster than its current flagship, Geforce 8800 Ultra.

R680 is made of two RV670 chips on a single PCB and it will act as Crossfire on a single board. ATI tried this before, but at launch time, the drivers will finally be there.

ATI has to be sure that dozens, if not hundreds of games, take advantage of two GPUs all the time, as if this doesn’t happen, R680 might be as slow as RV670PRO in that particular game.

That is one tough task, but before R700 comes out for the next generation of games, ATI will keep trying.

Last modified on 07 November 2007
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