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8800 GT as pricey in Taiwan

by on31 October 2007

And hard to find, too

Being located in Taiwan, it seemed like a good idea to go down to the Taipei computer market and have a look to see if it was possible to get some photos of the new 8800 GT cards on sale; but surprise, surprise, no one had any of the cards in stock and the pricing wasn't anyplace near the SRP.

Prices started at arround NT$9,550 (or €204, US$296), which was for an MSI card and we only saw two retail shops with this card, but it wasn't possible to get one there and then.

Looking online the cards aren't any cheaper at NT$9,550 to 9,850 (or €204 to €210, US$303) and only cards from Sparkle and Gigabyte are listed so far.

Considering that the sales tax in Taiwan is only five percent, you'd think the cards would sell for considerably less than in Europe; but in reality they're not that much cheaper here.
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