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Sparkle launches twin fan Calibre 8800GT

by on30 October 2007

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But the clocks are still under 700MHz


Sparkle's Calibre series was always known for its high factory overclock. The new Calibre P888, based on 8800 GT GPU, works at a disappointing 675MHz for the core, 1800MHz for memory and 1728MHz for the Shader clock. We hoped to see higher clocks, as it uses a custom non-reference cooler.

The new Calibre uses a dual slot, dual fan solution with four heat-pipes, and we hoped that it would be enough to put it on the performance throne when compared to other 8800GT cards. In spite of the fact that Calibre P888 uses dual slot cooling it still didn't get there, since EVGA's SSC single-slot card goes a bit higher, as you can read here.

Nevertheless, Sparkle's Calibre P888 should be cooler and more quiet then the plain 8800GT cards. As the entire Nvidia 8 series, this card also supports DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0.


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