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EVGA Super Super Clock is 700MHz

by on29 October 2007


The four horsemen...

EVGA has finally announced its Geforce 8800GT series lineup. EVGA will offer four different versions with different memory, core and Shader clock speeds, and the top one works at 700MHz. All four look very handsome in blue.

The first one, simply branded e-Geforce 8800GT works at reference clocks 600MHz for the core, 1800MHz for memory and 1500MHz for Shader clock speed. The second one represents e-Geforce superclocked edition and comes clocked at 650MHz for the core, 1900MHz for memory and 1625MHz for Shader clock speed. The third one is a representative of KO edition and comes clocked at 675MHz for the core, 1950MHz for memory and 1688MHz for Shader Clock speed.

The top offer is the new e-Geforce 8800GT SSC Edition, which comes clocked at 700MHz for the core, 2000MHz for memory and a stunning 1750MHz Shader clock speed. All cards come with 512MB of GDDR3 with 256-bit memory interface and 112 Stream Processors.

We wonder who will be the first to surpass the 700MHz barrier.


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