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Geforce 8800GT launches at 3 P.M. C.E.T.

by on29 October 2007


6 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

Geforce 8800GT,
also known by its prior D8P and G92 codenames, will be officially launched today at 3 P.M. Central European Time. If you are in the U.S. that means 6 A.M. Pacific Standard Time (California) or 9 A.M. Eastern Standard Time (New York Stock Exchange time).

We've reviewed one; two were delayed at UPS due to a holiday in Austria on Friday (happy National Feiertag to all of us in Austria); and another card is at customs, just being released as we speak. From the following you can conclude that there will be a number of reviews, and we can confirm that at least two out of four reviews to come will include overclocked cards.

Overall, Geforce 8800GT it is faster than 8800GTS 640MB in all tests, even at reference clocks. It looks like a winner for €250 for a reference card.


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