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RV670 is Radeon HD3850

by on29 October 2007


AMD officially talks HD3800

We can now confirm that ATI plans to use Radeon HD 38x0 names for an RV670 and that there won't be any XT, GT and PRO after the card name.

It looks like one of the RV670 chips will come branded as Radeon HD 3850 and we heard Radeon HD 3870, but cannot confirm this name at this point. ATI has decided to drop the HD2950 name, as some customers will prefer buying a HD3800 part based on the fact that the number is higher. That tells you a lot about many of the customers who are buying these cards.

The samples are finished and the cards are on the track to be launched on the 15th of November. Nvidia is about to launch its D8P/G92 based Geforce 8800GT later today.

Last modified on 29 October 2007
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