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NB8M is 8400GS Mobile

by on26 October 2007


80nm or 65nm part?

We saw this codename on a notebook, which is already shipping, and it looks like Nvidia wants to simplify its codenames.

The D8P is a desktop eight generation performance part which will be known as 8800GT from Monday, October 29th thereafter. The D8M is the 8400GS, a 65 nanometer part and NB8M is Nvidia's Geforce 8400M 256MB with a maximum of 512MB shared memory.

In this case NB stands for notebook while M describes the entry level chip and D8M is also the 8400 GS, 80 nanometer part.

We wonder how will we know when Nvidia replaces this graphics chip with a much smaller and less heat producing 65 nanometer part? That said, we only need to know if this notebook doesn’t come with the 65 nanometer G98 based chip in the first place.

Last modified on 26 October 2007
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