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8800GT has 9 possible variations

by on24 October 2007


Reference or overclocked

We found out that Geforce 8800GT comes in five possible variants and each variant has its 512MB and 256MB version.

The first, as you can imagine, is the reference design with 600MHz core and 1800MHz memory clock. The 256MB version of this card will have the memory working at 1400MHz.

The second is the reference design + SPOC, Shader Processor Overclocking and it works with the same clocks as the reference but with faster Shader. It was not specified what the Shader speed should be, but this is up to AIBs.

The third kit is called Cost down $14 +SPOC, and as you can imagine the Shaders are still overclocked, the GPU and memory are the same but they can all be overclocked. This is an 8 layer PCB board.

The fourth SKU is the scary one, called Cost Down more than $14 +SPOC, and this card comes with 6 layer PCB and 256MB memory at 1400MHz only. This is certainly the least expensive card from this generation.

The last, but not the least, is simply called Native HDMI, and it comes as the 512MB or 256MB part and you can get the picture as to what the focus is of this card.

The launch is scheduled for Monday, the 29th, as we said earlier this month, here and here.



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