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Cantega / Montevina IGP plays Fear

by on19 October 2007


Intel's IGP is getting better

Lars has seen the Cantiga chipset on the Intel Montevina platform and the integrated graphics on this new chipset is powerful enough to run the original version of FEAR at a decent frame rate.

While this is huge step for Intel, it's still not that impressive, to be honest. This chipset is much faster than what Intel has offered in the past, but it still could be so much better.

Intel never preached that video games were important for their integrated graphics until their last keynote speech in Taipei. At that keynote Intel even showed a few Montevina platforms with integrated and discrete graphics; as Intel's VP said, you can have it both ways, as long as you stick with Intel's stuff.

We believe that Intel has begun to create momentum for its Larrabee chipset as it wants to aggressively enter the gaming arena.

This is the video that our nice Swede, Lars, took and it does prove our claims, check it out here.

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