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K10 to cost less than Core 2 Quad

by on19 October 2007


Clock to clock

Our well informed sources have suggested that clock to clock AMD's CPU will cost less than Intel’s 45 nanometer quad core processors. This is AMD's big opportunity to save face and we can only hope that AMD will fare better in the clock to clock battle, for AMD’s sake.

If AMD loses the clock to clock competition against Intel's 45 nanometer processors AMD will be forced to drop the price even lower. If we look at our crystal ball, AMD’s 2.4GHz part will be far less than €250 or US$280. This is just a price guideline, as we are not aware of any price drops of the current 65 nanometer quad core processors.

The first batch of Intel’s 45 nanometer processors come out in January and only a limited number of Server Xeons 45 nanometers will be launched this year. The 45 nanometer desktop line-up will be introduced in Q1 2008.

Last modified on 19 October 2007
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