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Nvidia's D8E dual card needs 220W

by on17 October 2007


Nvidia's high end in 2008

Nvidia's next generation dual PCB card, the D8Enthusiast, is powered by two graphics chips and will need two power connectors. The card will need 220W+ to work and a passive two-sided cooler to eliminate the heat it produces.

As with the R600, the D8Enthusiast will need one 4x2 power connector and one 3x2 power connector, as it will need more than 200W power. At the same time, the card will support PCIe 2.0, but even 150W of power will not be enough to feed the card.

For the remaining weeks and months of 2007, Nvidia will enjoy its strong sales of Geforce 8800 Ultra and GTX cards, and in early Q1 it will be ready with D8E; at least that is Nvidia's plan.

Last modified on 18 October 2007
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