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Nvidia feels small compared to Intel/AMD

by on16 October 2007


FEAR or Countdown to extintion?

Nvidia fears Intel and AMD and especially for its future, and this is what it passed on to its partners. The company is doing everything possible to educate its partners and customers about the importance of graphics, as this is the company's only chance. Nvidia wants to take the power of the CPU and to focus customers' minds on graphics.  

Nvidia showed many of its partners that even with a low end CPU you will gain a lot if you simply plug in a better graphics card.

Nvidia doesn’t plan to make a CPU, but AMD and Intel will both soon have graphics. They already have a solid chipset business, 30+ years of CPU experience and this is something that Nvidia cannot compete with.

Intel is preaching that OEMs and System integrators should use its platform and Centrino is one of the most successful things that Intel ever did. AMD also has this platform concept and there won’t be much space left in the chipset business for Nvidia, as Intel and AMD simply don’t want it around.

More than ever Nvidia cannot afford to lose to ATI, as this would be a complete disaster for Graphzilla.

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