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Memory has never been cheaper

by on16 October 2007


DDR2 is underpriced

The price of the memory has never been lower. You can buy 4GB quality memory for only 190€ and if you do the math and buy 4x2GB you will end up with 8GB of memory for only 380€.

This is really ridiculously cheap and we can see many people with small desktop motherboard based servers upgrading heavily for more memory.

Gamers will upgrade from 2GB to 4GB, but in this case you need 64Bit Vista ,as Microsoft already got rid of the 64 bit Windows XP support. Otherwise, the operating system won’t address all of the GBs you have. Vista 64 bit can cope with 4GB of memory and we have already tried it.

You can buy this memory here and remember, 8GB for 380€ is a good deal.

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